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ID (tag prefix)primefaces-p
Tag Summary 
autoUpdateNo Description
dataExporterNo Description
fileDownloadNo Description
collectorNo Description
ajaxNo Description
printerNo Description
confirmNo Description
resetInputNo Description
clientValidatorNo Description
repeatNo Description
importConstantsUtil tag to import constants.
importEnumUtil tag to import enums.
accordionPanelAccordionPanel is a container component that displays content in stacked format.
ajaxExceptionHandlerNo Description
ajaxStatusAjaxStatus is a global notifier for ajax requests made by PrimeFaces components.
autoCompleteAutoComplete provides live suggestions while an input is being typed.
barcodeBarcode component is used to display various barcode formats.
blockUIBlockUI blocks JSF components during ajax processing.
breadCrumbBreadcrumb is a navigation component that provides contextual information about page hierarchy in the workflow.
buttonButton is an extension to the standard h:button component with skinning capabilities.
cacheCache component is used to reduce page load time by caching the content after initial rendering.
calendarCalendar is an input component used to provide a date. Other than basic features calendar supports paging, localization, ajax selection and more.
captchaCaptcha is a form validation component based on Recaptcha API.
carouselCarousel is a multi purpose component to display a set of data or general content with slide effects.
cellEditorCellEditor is a helper component of datatable used for incell editing.
chartNo Description
checkboxNo Description
chipsChips is used to enter multiple values on an inputfield.
clockClock displays server or client datetime live.
colorPickerNo Description
columnColumn is an extended version of the standard column used by various PrimeFaces components like datatable, treetable and more.
columnGroupColumnGroup is used by datatable for grouping.
columnsNo Description
columnTogglerColumnToggler is a helper component for datatable to toggle visibility of columns.
commandButtonCommandButton is an extended version of standard JSF commandButton with ajax and skinning features.
commandLinkCommandLink extends standard JSF commandLink with Ajax capabilities.
confirmDialogConfirmDialog is a replacement to the legacy javascript confirmation box. Skinning, customization and avoiding popup blockers are notabled advantages over classic javascript confirmation.
contentFlowContentFlow is used to display a collection of items.
contextMenuContextMenu provides an overlay menu displayed on mouse right-click event.
dashboardDashboard provides a portal like layout with drag-drop based reorder capabilities.
dataGridDataGrid displays a collection of data in grid layout. Ajax Pagination is a built-in feature and paginator UI is fully customizable via various options like paginatorTemplate, rowPerPageOptions, pageLinks and more.
dataListDataList presents a collection of data in list layout with several display types. Ajax Pagination is a built-in feature and paginator UI is fully customizable via various options like paginatorTemplate, rowsPerPageOptions, pageLinks and more.
dataScrollerDataScroller displays a collection of data featuring on demand loading using scroll.
dataTableDataTable is an enhanced version of the standard Datatable that provides built-in solutions to many commons use cases like paging, sorting, selection, lazy loading, filtering and more.
defaultCommandDefaultCommand defines the default command component to invoke when enter key is pressed in a form.
diagramNo Description
dialogDialog is a panel component overlaying other elements. Dialog avoids popup blockers, provides customization, resizing, modality, ajax interactions and more.
dockDock component mimics the well known dock interface of Mac OS X.
draggableNo Description
droppableNo Description
editorEditor is an input component with rich text editing capabilities.
effectEffect component is based on the jQuery UI effects library.
feedReaderfeedReader displays content from a feed.
fieldsetFieldset is a grouping component with a title and content.
fileUploadFileUpload goes beyond the browser input type="file" functionality and features a flash-javascript solution for uploading files. File filtering, multiple uploads, partial page rendering and progress tracking are the significant features compared to legacy fileUploads.
focusFocus is a handy component that makes it easy to manage the element focus on a JSF page.
fragmentFragment component is used to define automatically partially processed and updated sections.
galleriaGalleria is used to display a set of images.
gmapGMap component is built on Google Maps API Version 3. Gmap is highly integrated with JSF development model and enhanced with Ajax capabilities.
gmapInfoWindowGMapInfoWindow is used with GMap component to open a window on map when an overlay is selected.
graphicImagePrimeFaces GraphicImage extends standard JSF graphic image component with the ability of displaying binary data like an inputstream. Main use cases of GraphicImage is to make displaying images stored in database or on-the-fly images easier. Legacy way to do this is to come up with a Servlet that does the streaming, GraphicImage does all the hard work without the need of a Servlet.
growlGrowl is based on the Mac's growl notification widget and used to display FacesMessages similar to h:messages.
headerRowHeaderRow is a helper component for row grouping.
hotkeyHotKey is a generic key binding component that can bind any formation of keys to javascript event handlers or ajax calls.
idleMonitorIdleMonitor watches user actions on a page and notify several callbacks in case they go idle or active again.
imageCompareImageCompare provides a rich user interface to compare two images.
imageCropperImageCropper allows cropping a certain region of an image. A new image is created containing the cropped area and assigned to a CroppedImage instanced on the server side.
imageSwitchImageswitch component is used to enable switching between a set of images with nice effects. ImageSwitch also provides a simple client side api for flexibility.
inplaceInplace provides easy inplace editing and inline content display. Inplace consists of two members, display element is the inital clickable label and inline element is the hidden content that'll be displayed when display element is toggled.
inputMaskInputMask forces an input to fit in a defined mask template.
inputNumberInputNumber is an extension to the inputText with optimized handling for numbers.
inputSwitchNo Description
inputTextInputText is an extension to standard inputText with skinning capabilities.
inputTextareaInputTextarea is an extension to standard inputTextara with skinning capabilities and auto growing.
keyboardKeyboard is an input component that uses a virtual keyboard to provide the input. Notable features are the customizable layouts and skinning capabilities.
keyFilterKeyFilter filters keyboard input for a given input field.
knobNo Description
layoutLayout component features a highly customizable borderLayout model making it very easy to create complex layouts even if you're not familar with web design.
layoutUnitLayoutUnit represents a region in the border layout model of the Layout component.
lifecycleNo Description
lightBoxLightbox features a powerful overlay that can display images, multimedia content, other JSF components and external urls.
linkLink is an extension to the standard h:link component with skinning capabilities.
logLog component is a visual console to display logs of PrimeFaces. Using log client side API, you can also use the component.
mediaMedia component is used for embedding multimedia content such as videos and music to JSF views. Media renders object or embed html tags depending on the user client.
megaMenuMegaMenu is a navigation component that displays submenus together.
menuMenu is a navigation component with various customized modes like multi tiers, ipod style sliding and overlays.
menubarMenubar is a horizontal navigation component.
menuButtonMenuButton displays different commands in a popup menu.
menuitemMenuitem is used by various menu components of PrimeFaces.
messageNo Description
messagesMessage is a pre-skinned extended version of the standard JSF message component with extensions.
mindmapMindMap is an interactive mindmapping component.
multiSelectListboxMultiSelectListbox is used to select an item from a collection of listboxes that are in parent-child relationship.
notificationBarNotificationBar displayes a multipurpose fixed positioned panel for notification. Any group of JSF content can be placed inside notificationbar.
orderListOrderList is used to sort a collection.
organigramNo Description
organigramNodeNo Description
outputLabelOutputLabel is an extension to the standard outputLabel.
outputPanelOutputPanel is used to group content on a page.
overlayPanelOverlayPanel is a generic container component that is displayed as a popup.
panelPanel is a grouping component for other components, notable features are toggling, closing, built-in popup menu and ajax event listeners.
panelGridPanelGrid is an extension to the standard PanelGrid.
panelMenuPanelMenu is a hybrid of accordion-tree components used for navigations and actions.
passwordPassword component is an extended version of standard inputSecret component with theme integration and strength indicator.
pickListPickList is used for transferring data between two different collections.
pollPoll is an ajax component that has the ability to send periodical ajax requests and execute listeners on JSF backing beans.
progressBarProgressBar is a process status indicator that can either work purely on client side or interact with server side using ajax.
radioButtonNo Description
ratingRating component features a star based rating system. Rating can be used as a plain input component or with ajax RateListeners.
remoteCommandRemoteCommand provides a way to execute JSF backing bean methods directly from javascript.
resizablePrimeFaces features a resizable component that has the ability to make a JSF component resizable. Resizable can be used on various components like resize an input fields, panels, menus, images and more.
ribbonRibbon is container component to group different sets of controls.
ribbonGroupRibbonGroup is a helper component for Ribbon to define groups in a tab.
ringNo Description
rowRow is a helper component for datatable.
rowEditorRowEditor is a helper component for datatable.
rowExpansionRowExpansion is a helper component of datatable used to implement expandable rows.
rowTogglerRowToggler is a helper component for datatable.
scheduleSchedule provides an Outlook Calendar, iCal like JSF component to manage events. Schedule is highly customizable featuring various views (month, day, week), built-in I18N, drag-drop, resize, customizable event dialog and skinning.
scrollPanelNo Description
selectBooleanButtonNo Description
selectBooleanCheckboxNo Description
selectCheckboxMenuNo Description
selectManyButtonNo Description
selectManyCheckboxNo Description
selectManyMenuNo Description
selectOneButtonNo Description
selectOneListboxNo Description
selectOneMenuNo Description
selectOneRadioNo Description
separatorSeperator displays a horizontal line to separate content.
sidebarSidebar is a panel component displayed as an overlay.
signatureSignature is an input component to provide a signature.
slideMenuSlideMenu displays submenus with a slide animation.
sliderSlider is used to provide input with various customization options like orientation, display modes and skinning.
socketSocket component is an agent that creates a channel between the server and the client.
spacerSpacer is used to put spaces between elements.
spinnerSpinner is an input component to provide a numerical input via increment and decrement buttons.
splitButtonSplitButton displays a default command and additional ones in an overlay.
spotlightSpotlight highlights a certain component on page.
stackStack is a navigation component that mimics the stacks feature in Mac OS X.
stepsSteps is a menu component that displays steps of a workflow.
stickySticky component positions other components as fixed so that these components stay in window viewport during scrolling.
submenuSubmenu is nested in menu components and represents a sub menu items.
subTableSubTable is a helper component of datatable used for grouping.
summaryRowSummaryRow is a helper component for data grouping.
tabTab is a generic container component used by other PrimeFaces components such as tabView or accordionPanel.
tabMenuTabMenu is a menu component that displays menuitems as tabs.
tabViewTabView is a tabbed panel component featuring client side tabs, dynamic content loading with ajax and content transition effects.
tagCloudNo Description
terminalTerminal is an ajax powered component bringing desktop command-line tools to the web.
textEditorEditor is an input component with rich text editing capabilities.
themeSwitcherThemeSwitcher enables switching PrimeFaces themes on the fly with no page refresh.
tieredMenuTieredMenu displays submenus in overlays.
timelineTimeline is an interactive visualization chart to visualize events in time.
toolbarToolbar is a horizontal grouping component for commands and other content.
toolbarGroupToolbarbarGroup is a helper component for Toolbar component to define placeholders.
tooltipTooltip goes beyond the legacy html title attribute by providing custom effects, events, html content and advance theme support.
treeTree is is used for displaying hierarchical data and creating site navigations.
treeNodeTreeNode is used with Tree component to represent a node in tree.
treeTableTreetable is is used for displaying hierarchical data in tabular format.
triStateCheckboxNo Description
watermarkWatermark displays a hint on an input field.
wizardWizard provides an ajax enhanced UI to implement a workflow easily in a single page. Wizard consists of several child tab components where each tab represents a step in the process.
Function Summary 
java.lang.Stringcomponent(java.lang.String)No Description
java.lang.StringresolveClientId(java.lang.String, javax.faces.component.UIComponent)No Description
java.lang.StringresolveClientIds(java.lang.String, javax.faces.component.UIComponent)No Description
java.lang.StringresolveWidgetVar(java.lang.String, javax.faces.component.UIComponent)No Description
java.lang.StringwidgetVar(java.lang.String)No Description
java.lang.StringwidgetVarFromContext(java.lang.String, javax.faces.component.UIComponent)No Description
java.lang.BooleanifGranted(java.lang.String)No Description
java.lang.BooleanifAllGranted(java.lang.String)No Description
java.lang.BooleanifAnyGranted(java.lang.String)No Description
java.lang.BooleanifNoneGranted(java.lang.String)No Description
java.lang.StringremoteUser()No Description Description

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