PrimeFaces / FAQ
  1. Where can I find the nightly builds of an unreleased version? Nightly builds are available at PrimeFaces Maven Repository.
  2. How can I fix the “PrimeFaces not found” javascript error? Make sure to have h:head tag in your page.
  3. Why my PrimeFaces application does not work well using Safari/Chrome? You need to enfore contentType by adding f:view contentType=”text/html” to your page. Best place to define this is your template, here is an example one.
  4. Why navigations do not work with PrimeFaces commandButton and commandLink? PrimeFaces does not support forward based navigations within an ajax request, you need to do redirect instead or set ajax to false.
  5. I’m using x component library in my project. Can I also add PrimeFaces? PrimeFaces should work together with any library that fully supports JSF 2.0.
  6. Who develops PrimeFaces? PrimeFaces is developed and maintained by PrimeTek Informatics.
  7. Does PrimeFaces support GAE? Yes, see the gae-kickstart example as a sample project. This kickstart example is available live on GAE. Showcase is also deployed on GAE periodically as
  8. Does PrimeFaces support portlets? Yes, see the portlet example as a sample PrimeFaces-Liferay project. PrimeTek is a partner of Liferay as well.