Introducing PrimeReact v8.0.0

Introducing PrimeReact v8.0.0

After months of hard work, PrimeTek is proud to announce v8 release of PrimeReact. Highlight of this new version is the complete rewrite of the class based components as functional components using hooks.

Prime UI Family

PrimeReact belongs to a UI family of projects that also includes PrimeFaces, PrimeNG and PrimeVue. Open source products of PrimeTek are used all around the world by millions of developers. Lately, PrimeTek packages on NPM have reached 75 million downloads. Beginning with v8, we’re hoping that PrimeReact will receive the attention it deserves from the React Community as well.

UI Component Suite

PrimeReact provides over 80 rich sets of open source UI components for your React applications. From simple buttons to advanced data components like DataTable, the library aims to be a single source for your requirements so that you don’t need to include many other dependencies in your applications.


PrimeReact is a design-agnostic library so instead of depending on a certain design, many themes such as Material, Tailwind, Bootstrap, FluentUI, PrimeOne, and others are available so that you can switch your look and feel dynamically without rewriting your entire application. There are over 30 themes included and the Theme Designer is the ultimate tool to implement your style guides when necessary.


PrimeBlocks for React consists of copy-paste-ready UI blocks crafted with PrimeFlex where theming and interactivity are provided by PrimeReact. A UI block is a set of html elements styled with the PrimeFlex CSS utility library. A block can also contain PrimeReact components in addition to regular elements. The blocks are designed to be used easily by simply moving the block code to your own application. This is achieved by defining the styling in the markup without using a custom css declaration. In cases where a block requires interactivity such as toggling the visibility of a menu or a sidebar, StyleClass component of PrimeReact manages the events and animations.


PrimeFlex is a CSS utility library featuring various helpers such as a grid system, flexbox, spacing, elevation, and more. Although it is not required, it is highly recommended to add PrimeFlex as it is likely to need such utilities when developing applications. Still, other css libraries like Tailwind and Bootstrap are fully compatible with PrimeReact UI components in case you utilize them in your applications instead of PrimeFlex.


PrimeReact components internally use PrimeIcons library, the official open-source icons suite from PrimeTek.


PrimeReact offers various admin templates to get you started in no time. The open-source Sakai is a free application template powered by PrimeReact.

Premium Support

Forum and Discord are where the community users gather to seek support, post topics, and discuss the technology. If you need to secure our response within 1 business day, you may consider PrimeReact PRO support to combine the power of open-source with a premium service.


View the full changelog for more information about v8.


The team is actively working on accessibility and WCAG compliance at the moment, view the overview document for more information. Our plan is complete this work by the end of May 2022.

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