Introducing PrimeVue 3.9.0

Introducing PrimeVue 3.9.0

After weeks of hard work, PrimeVue 3.9.0 is available now with the all-new Lara theme family, new calendar month/year pickers, and 48 filed improvements.

Lara Theme Family

Lara is the new default theme family of PrimeVue based on 4 color options with dark mode alternatives. We brand it as PrimeOne Design 2022 with an emphasis on accessibility and modern design.

Calendar Month/Year Picker

Month and Year navigators have been reimplemented for better UI/UX along with standalone support for year picker functionality. We hope you enjoy the new design as it is more intuitive compared to using Dropdowns.

Breaking Changes

Slot names casing is now based on all lowercase conventions, this breaks compatibility with slots like paginatorLeft. See the migration guide for details.


View the full changelog for more information.


The next major version 3.10.0 will update all typescript typings with better types and documentation. We hope that this will greatly enhance the developer experience. After this work gets completed, version 3.11.0 will begin to focus purely on Accessibility. We’ll enhance the accessibility of the components based on WCAG guidelines, add accessibility docs and, post scores from audit tools. This work is planned to be completed in Q1 2022. Right after that, we’ll start working on RTL support. Always bet on Prime!

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