PrimeFaces / Partners

PrimeFaces is a world renowned project supported by Prime Teknoloji and the partners worldwide. If you are looking for onsite consulting, support, training or any other related service in your region, we suggest contacting our partners. Partners of Prime Teknoloji are able to provide expertise on following services;

Training Certification Consulting Reseller
Delivered by acknowledged trainers using official material created by PrimeTek. Provide official trainee certificates on behalf of PrimeTek. Onsite consulting regarding application development with JSF and PrimeFaces. Act as a reseller for PRO, ELITE support and Premium Layouts.

Only companies listed here are certified partners of Prime Teknoloji. If you’d like to be a partner of Prime Teknoloji and would like to know more about the advantages, please contact us with your company profile and PrimeFaces experience.


t2 Global T2 has high quality engineering and design teams because in our opinion, human resources are the most valuable capital. T2 Software continues to work in the areas of telecom, finance, defence in order to create powerful solutions for its customers. T2 Software aims serving efficient and high quality products to customers by continuously monitoring and applying technological changes in the world. Read more about the partnership for more information about the provided services.
Liferay Logo Global Customers who have purchased Liferay EE and PrimeFaces PRO now enjoy the benefit of a communication channel between our companies, so that technology issues can be resolved in accordance with corresponding Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In addition, this partnership will ensure that our mutual customers will be able to develop PrimeFaces portlets that can be used in conjunction with the Liferay Faces Alloy component suite.
Algaworks Logo Brazil AlgaWorks is an online education company in Brazil with a clear mission: Transform the lives of thousands of people through advanced knowledge in software development.
SolidBeans Logo Scandinavia SolidBeans is a Java Open Source integrator offering quality integrated total solutions to the Scandinavian market at competitive prices. SolidBeans acts as partner and contributor to several Java Open Source frameworks, sponsors various Java communities and forums, and maintains strong partnerships with leading national and international software houses. As leading Scandinavian software and outsourcing company, SolidBeans’ vision is to offer low-cost yet optimal solutions in regard to productivity, efficiency, quality and short time to market.
Ippon Logo France Ippon Technologies is a French IT consulting firm, specialized in Java EE architectures, enterprise portals and integration technologies (SOA, ESB, BPM). With more than 100 skilled professionals, including several well-known experts (Java Community Process members, trainers, speakers…), Ippon Technologies provides high value-added services to its clients : consulting, architecture, training and agile project management. To find more about Ippon Technologies, please visit our website.
Virtua Logo USA Virtua, Inc. has a singular mission: provide top-notch services and products by leveraging a keen understanding of information technology. We view information technology as more than a set of tools that help people with tasks; rather, we see it as a complex interaction of software, business, markets, hardware, networks, and people. With this mindset, we help our customers get the most out of their technology choices, and also help them make those choices when necessary. We also work with them to maximize their potential – whether they’re developing an intranet or Internet application, entering a new technology market, optimizing their development process, or building a development team.
C4J Logo Belgium C4J is part of the Contribute and Cronos holding. We are the company that is specialised in everything related with Java and Oracle. We specialise in developing and running application on the current and future Oracle middleware stack (Glassfish + .Weblogic).
GeekoTek Asia GeekoTek is a service based IT company, specialized in Java EE technologies, Single Page Applications and Backend platforms. We will provide services like product development, mentoring, consulting, architecture designs, trainings and so on. Our focus is also on introducing next generation technologies to the clients based on latest IT trends. To find more details, please visit our website.