PrimeBlocks v3 E-Commerce Edition for React

PrimeBlocks v3 E-Commerce Edition for React

The brand new PrimeBlocks v3 E-Commerce update is available now for PrimeReact featuring 70+ new blocks making 350+ in total to build spectacular e-commerce projects in no time.

PrimeBlocks v3 E-Commerce Edition

PrimeBlocks v3 E-Commerce update is based on a design system dedicated to the key parts of e-commerce such as Product Overviews, Product Lists, Shopping Carts, Category Filters, Store Navigations, Checkout Forms, Reviews, and many more…

Watch our preview and discover the new version: 

What is a Block?

A UI block is a set of HTML elements styled with the PrimeFlex CSS utility library. A block can also contain PrimeReact components in addition to regular elements. The blocks are designed to be used easily by simply moving the block code to your own application. This is achieved by defining the styling in the markup without using a custom css declaration. In cases where a block requires interactivity such as toggling the visibility of a menu or a sidebar, StyleClass component of PrimeReact manages the events and animations.

What can be done with Blocks?

Blocks are meant to be used together to build landing pages, dashboards or any other content you can imagine.


Blocks utilize color classes for background, text color, border color, and pseudo-states. Color values are derived from the PrimeReact theme being used so that a block can seamlessly integrate with your application. For example, bg-blue-500 class retrieves the background color using the –blue-500 CSS variables from PrimeReact. See PrimeReact colors palettes for more information.


The new E-Commerce update is free of charge for all PrimeBlocks License owners. Whether you are an individual or a member of a team, PrimeBlocks are available for affordable prices. Please visit the pricing page for details.

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