PrimeFaces 11.0.0 Released

PrimeFaces 11.0.0 Released

PrimeFaces Team is proud to announce PrimeFaces v11.0.0 final. Since v10, we’ve decided to adopt a new release cycle where there will be a new major version every 6 months. After months of hard work and dedication, PrimeFaces is better than ever.

What’s New?

  • AutoComplete: added footer facet which will be added to the suggestion list.
  • Avatar: added saturation, lightness, alpha to control dynamic colors.
  • Badge: added visible attribute to hide the badge but render the children.
  • DataScroller: added loading facet to show UI while loading is in progress.
  • Carousel: completely overhauled by PrimeTek to be in line with Prime React/Vue/NG carousel.
  • Galleria: completely overhauled by PrimeTek to be in line with Prime React/Vue/NG galleria.
  • SpeedDial: new component designed as a floating action button
  • FileUpload: added dropZone attribute to create a custom drop zone. See
  • Hotkey: added bindMac to use alternative binding on macOS.
  • Inplace: added tabindex for keyboard focus and toggle support.
  • InputText, InputTextarea: counter can count bytes instead of characters.
  • MenuButton: added buttonStyle and buttonStyleClass attributes.
  • DataTable
    • New built-in JpaLazyDataModel, which provides basic functionality for JPA users and lazy loading
    • New negation filter MatchModes
  • DataExporter
    • TreeTable now supports exporting
    • Excel export now supports “currency” cells formatted properly in Excel
  • OutputPanel
    • Added loading facet to show UI while deferred loading is in progress.
    • Added loaded attribute to indicate that deferred loading is not needed, making deferred possible in Ajax requests.
  • Spinner
    • Added buttons modes: horizontal, horizontal-after and vertical.
    • Added support to align input text using classes: text-left, text-center, text-right.
  • Selenium Support
    • PrimeSelenium standalone library for testing PrimeFaces applications
    • Integration test suite verifying every pull request with 490 passing tests using PrimeSelenium
  • Project
    • Refactored into a multi-module build
    • Updated to work under JDK LTS 8, 11, and 17

Look into migration guide for more enhancements and changes. Or check the list of TODO+ issues closed for 11.0.0.

PrimeFaces Team

As always huge thanks to Thomas Andraschko, Mert Sincan, Sébastien Lepage, Emil Lefkof, Christoph Straßer for their continuous contributions that take PrimeFaces to the next level.


There are over a million downloads per year for PrimeFaces. Even though trends moved to client-side, many Java developers still consider JSF a mature, stable, and productive way to get the work done. Jakarta Faces 4.0 is also under active development, we’d love to maintain and improve PrimeFaces many more years to come!

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