PrimeFaces X – The Next Generation

PrimeFaces X – The Next Generation

PrimeFaces team is thrilled to announce the first release candidate of PrimeFaces X (v10) featuring the next generation UI component library for JSF.

Version 9

So where is version 9? V9 is skipped due to amount of changes, since PrimeFaces X is next gen, we wanted to have a special version.

What is new?

Well, everything. So let’s begin covering them.

PrimeOne Design Concept

In mid last year, PrimeTek has decided to renovate all the UI component libraries based on a new design language called PrimeOne Design Concept. PrimeFaces X is now based on this concept and brings 3 new themes Saga (Light), Vela (Dim) and Arya (Dark).

PrimeIcons 4.1

PrimeIcons is a new set of modern icons that is shared between the UI libraries of PrimeTek. Since version 4, all icons have been redesigned from scratch for a clean and modern look.

Theme Designer

PrimeFaces Theme Designer will be updated to offer a Visual Theme Editor and new theme options. Estimate is end of January for the release of the brand new Designer.

New Showcase 

Showcase has been rewritten from the ground up with a new design and all demos have been updated to include new set of data along with UI enhancements. Note: Component finder is coming soon.

New Components

PrimeFaces has already been a suite with extensive features, version X takes it a step further to include new components;

  • Avatar
  • Badge
  • Chip
  • CascadeSelect
  • Chronoline
  • ConfirmPopup
  • Divider
  • ScrollTop
  • Skeleton
  • Splitter
  • Tag


Visit the official documentation to learn more about the features and migration guide.

Special Thanks

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all team members including Mert Sincan, Thomas Andraschko, Emil Lefkof, Sébastien Lepage and Burak Unsal for their efforts in getting PrimeFaces X ready. In addition, special thanks to all members of PrimeFaces community who use the library and provide constant feedback.


PrimeFaces X final will be released in 4 weeks, until then we’ll offer another RC. We’d appreciate any feedback to help us improve the library.

Always bet on Prime!

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