PrimeIcons 5.0.0 is out with 35+ New Icons

PrimeIcons 5.0.0 is out with 35+ New Icons

PrimeIcons is the official font icon library from PrimeTek that can be used as standalone or with the Prime UI libraries. Version 5.0.0 is now ready for PrimeTime featuring 35+ new icons that are mostly requested by the community.

Breaking Changes

We decided to delete “-o” extension because it was a legacy postfix that comes from PrimeIcons 1.0.0 when all icons were filled. With 5.0.0, some icons now have -fill postfix indicating that icon is representing a toggle state.

Deprecated Icons

  • pi-circle-on (Replacement: pi-circle-fill)
  • pi-circle-off (Replacement: pi-circle)

Star Icon

pi-star was filled before and pi-star-o was used as the outlined version. With 5.0, pi-star is outlined and pi-star-fill is filled by convention.


Visit the changelog to get the list of all the new icons and changes.


PrimeIcons library is free to use under MIT license and available for download on NPM.


Next version of PrimeIcons will again be based on community feedback so if you need new icons, please head over to the issue tracker and request them. We’d appreciate your feedback.

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