PrimeNG 12.1.0 Released

PrimeNG 12.1.0 Released

PrimeNG 12.1.0 is out now as a major release to bring new components, internal enhancements, new DataTable scrolling along with maintenance improvements.

New DataTable Scrolling

PrimeNG 12.1.0 introduces new DataTable scrolling implementation that eliminates the use of multiple tables by using css sticky. New implementation greatly simplifies the codebase by removing significant amount of code related to scrolling and also provides new features like freezing columns on the right and sticky row groups.


TreeSelect is a new form component to choose from hierarchical data.


SpeedDial is another new addition to the suite. It is mainly a floating button with menu items displayed around it when pressed. It offers numerous orientations and customization options.


Dock imitates the famous dock widget in Mac OS X with customizable positions.

FullCalendar and Charts

There are two important changes in this release. As full calendar has an official angular component, we’ve decided to drop support for our own wrapper and focus on theming of the widget instead. So even if you use the component from FullCalendar, PrimeNG still provides a compatible theming for it. In addition, charts have been updated to use charts 3.3.2+ so it is required to update your dependencies.

Overlay Communication

Outside click detection can be tricky when overlays are nested such as a dropdown inside an overlay panel, since both are appended to document body and hide themselves when outside of their content is clicked, various issues occur like selecting the dropdown option hiding the overlay panel. Now overlays communicate with each other internally and decide when to hide. Built-in z-index layering also has been greatly enhanced. These doesn’t require any configuration, it just works! Actually this is one of the nice things about using a component library from the same vendor so that components can work in harmony.


View the changelog for more details.

Migration Guide

There are some changes due to the new table scrolling implementation, ChartJS v3 update and deprecated FullCalendar component. Refer to the migration guide for more information.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Current focus is on templates and upgrading them to latest Angular and PrimeNG 12.1.0. In parallel, various new blocks will be added to the new PrimeBlocks project. Stay tuned!

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