PrimeNG 13.0.0-rc.1 Released

PrimeNG 13.0.0-rc.1 Released

PrimeNG v13.0.0-rc.1 is released with first class support for Angular 13, the all-new Lara theme and maintenance updates.

View Engine and Ivy

Angular 13 is major step forward with exciting changes. View Engine is no longer and as a result we’ve decided to publish PrimeNG using Ivy partial compilation. This means applications that use view engine via ngcc is not supported. If this is an issue for you at the moment, we suggest staying on your current version. The new compilation is drastically performant and offers an impressive developer experience.

IE11 Support 

Angular 13 dropped IE11 support and PrimeNG v13 is also officially not supporting IE11 anymore.

Lara Theme

Lara theme family is the new default theme used in the showcase featuring 2 color options with dark alternatives. It is based on a modernized version of PrimeOne Design with emphasis on accessibility.

LTS Releases

If updating to Angular 13 is not an option for you at the moment, previous versions of PrimeNG are still supported via PrimeNG LTS. Subscribe to LTS now to receive bi-weekly maintenance updates on v11 and v12.


View the full changelog for more information.


The focus in the upcoming months will be purely on Accessibility. We’ll enhance the accessibility of the components based on WCAG guidelines, add accessibility docs and post scores from audit tools. This work is planned to be completed in Q1 2022. Then we’ll start working on RTL support. Always bet on Prime!

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