PrimeNG Long Term Support

PrimeNG Long Term Support

Angular is a fast paced technology with a new major version every 6 months. PrimeNG release cycle is aligned with Angular and every 6 months a new major PrimeNG version is released that is compatible with the latest Angular core. We are aware that majority of the existing applications prefer to remain at a previous version due to stability requirements instead of upgrading to the latest version immediately.

PrimeNG LTS is an annual subscription based service to provide a license for the finest compatible version suited to you. LTS covers the prior two versions from the latest release, this means up to 18 months of almost weekly releases to bring the latest defect fixes and security updates to your project. As an example, when PrimeNG moves to Angular 9, PrimeNG 7 and 8 will move to LTS support whereas STS (short term support) versions of PrimeNG 9 will be open source under MIT license for at least 6 months until PrimeNG 10 is released. Here is a timeline to visualize the LTS support.

License Terms

PrimeNG is an open source and free to use library licensed under MIT license whereas PrimeNG LTS is a commercial software licensed under LTS License.

  • A license is required to be obtained before installing and importing an LTS package.
  • LTS license is per developer and period is 1 year.
  • License needs to be renewed after the expiration to be able to continue using the LTS versions of PrimeNG.
  • Licenses can be obtained online at PrimeStore.
  • Please contact PrimeTek regarding any inquiry such as alternative payment methods and license terms.


Detailed changes included in the LTS versions are available at the main changelog list.


PrimeNG-LTS is available at npm, if you have an existing application run the following command to download it to your project. If you require a specific version,
refer to the versions list for the version compatible with your project. To begin with, 8.1.2 and 7.1.4 are available as the initial LTS version.


In order to use an LTS release, primeng import path must reference the primeng-lts package in tsconfig.json.

In addition, primeng.min.css needs to be loaded from the primeng-lts package.

Always bet on Prime!

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  • Thierry Leveque
    22 January 2020 at 16:34

    Is the theme css also needs to use the its one? Because currently there is also “node_modules/primeng/resources/themes/nova-light/theme.css”” in my angular.json file,