PrimeNG Meets Tailwind

PrimeNG Meets Tailwind

PrimeNG is a design-agnostic UI component library for Angular thanks to its flexible theming system. Today we’re excited to announce the new free Tailwind theme to join the already impressive lineup featuring Material, Bootstrap, FluentUI and PrimeOnes themes.

The new theme uses the official color palette from Tailwind and based on the design bits at Tailwind UI such as forms, modals and menus. If you are utilizing tailwind ui and looking for a fully featured UI component library, PrimeFaces with the Tailwind theme will be an excellent choice. Note that, the theme does not use tailwind classes and instead provides a look-alike style for a unified design when used together.

Image Preview

Image is a new addition to the UI suite to display an image with transformation options like rotate and zoom. For multiple images, please see the Galleria.



There are over 30 improvements in this release, defect fixes are mostly based on community feedback so thank you for helping us to make the library better.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Our current focus is on improving accessibility by creating a dedicated section per component for keyboard support and screen readers along with scores from audit tools.

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