PrimeNG Q2 2020 Roadmap

PrimeNG Q2 2020 Roadmap

PrimeNG 9.0.0 has recently been released where our main focus was on supporting Ivy, now that the work has done, we’ve planned the PrimeNG roadmap for the second quarter of 2020.

Dynamic Column Filtering

Dynamic filter match modes for columns where a popup will be displayed when a filter icon icon is clicked. Here is a mockup design.

Premium Templates

Existing premium templates will be updated to PrimeNG 9 and Angular 9. Router will be fully integrated with the menu components and css improvements are planned as well. In addition, two new premium templates will be offered.

LTS Versions

LTS has been received very well by the community, in Q2 we’ll continue maintaining and improving PrimeNG 7 and PrimeNG 8 for LTS subscribers with bi-weekly releases.

New Table demo

Default table demo will be more advanced to demonstrate how to tackle complex cases.

Multi Field Row Grouping and Aggregation

New samples will be added to implement multi field row grouping and aggregation rows such as calculating the values of a certain row group.

Lazy Loading with a Backend

An example project based on express.js and mysql is planned to demonstrate a lazy loading Table with pagination, sorting and filtering.

Row Edit inside Expansion

A new mode to the row edit functionality will be added where instead of incell editing, a row can be edited inside row expansion.


Galleria will be rewritten from scratch for a new modern look, view the PrimeReact version for a live demo as it would be the same. This also means Lightbox will be deprecated.


All components will be checked and refactored if necessary for cases where a prop is mutated, this will make sure the quality of the support for store implementations are top notch. PrimeReact and PrimeVue never mutates any given prop so PrimeNG will be aligned as well.

Style Guide

New documentation will be published to explain the best practices on styling PrimeNG components with Angular.

Smaller primeng.css

CSS of the many components will move into the components themselves using the style/styleUrls options to make the primeng.css bundle smaller, it is still a small file but we’ll save some KBs.

optionValue to Select Components

Select components like Dropdown, MultiSelect, SelectButton and Listbox will be enhanced to have optionValue property to make it easier to use with arbitrary objects in addition to the existing optionLabel.

New Tree Rendering

Tree component rendering will be rewritten to support Virtual Scrolling so that the component handle large datasets with high performance.

Server Side Rendering

All components will be checked to be fully compatible with SSE and a sample application will be created.

Floating Label

Floating labels will be fully supported by all form components.


Sample store demos will be added to the PrimeNG github repository.

Community Issues

PRs and Issues will be reviewed on a timely basis.

That is it for Q2, there is so much to do, let’s get back to work! And don’t forget…

Always bet on Prime!

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  • ClaudioC
    10 March 2020 at 13:57

    This could be a great year for PrimeNG . Very good news for us. Thansk to all prime staff !

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