PrimeReact 6.1.0 Released

PrimeReact 6.1.0 Released

PrimeReact 6.1.0 is at your service with the all new Color Palettes, Responsive Dialogs, Enhanced Overlays, enhanced responsiveness and accessibility improvements.

Color Palettes

Each PrimeReact theme exports a wide range of colors as CSS variables so that you can utilize them when skinning the rest of your application. An example is the PrimeReact showcase itself where the whole layout theme changes according to the PrimeReact Theme.


Responsive Dialogs

Dialog responsiveness cannot be easier to implement. With the new breakpoints property, you can customize the dialog sizes per screen.


View the Changelog for a complete list of 45+ changes. Overall, various components have been updated for more templating options and better accessibility.


PrimeReact is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Next major version is v7 that will bring important new features that are available in other Prime libraries.

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