PrimeReact 6.3.0 is Ready for PrimeTime!

PrimeReact 6.3.0 is Ready for PrimeTime!

PrimeReact 6.3.0 is at your service with the all-new TreeSelect component, MultiStateCheckbox, loading buttons, new DataTable selection modes and many other improvements.


TreeSelect is a new addition to the suite, it is basically a form component to choose from hierarchical data.


With the new MultiStateCheckbox component, you are free to to select a state from given multiple states.


Buttons have received loading functionality in addition to templating support.

New DataTable Selection Modes

The new cellSelection and dragSelection properties have been added to select cells in a row and make a range selection.


View the changelog for a complete list of the changes.


PrimeReact is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Stunning features and improvements are scheduled for the near future roadmap of PrimeReact. View the official roadmap for more details.

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