PrimeReact 6 Is Here

PrimeReact 6 Is Here

PrimeTek is thrilled to announce the new PrimeReact 6.0.0 release featuring 12 new components, Locale API, Confirmation API and the stunning Viva themes.

12 New Components

Various new components have joined the suite.

Confirmation API

Confirmation API makes it trivial to implement the repetitive confirmation tasks, the UI consists of ConfirmDialog and ConfirmPopup whereas the API is used via confirmDialog and confirmPopup methods.

Locale API

It is cumbersome to manipulate the localization options on each page so Locale API is created to solve this by offering a reactive global configuration to localize PrimeReact components with ease.

Viva Theme

Viva is an exclusive premium theme for PrimeReact Theme Designer subscribers. Dark mode is also provided in addition to the light mode. Visit the PrimeReact Showcase themes section to test the Viva live.


View the changelog for detailed information.


PrimeReact is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Grouping in select components will be added in the next version, it is currently available in dropdown only and will be provided for MultiSelect, Listbox and AutoComplete as well.

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