PrimeVue 1.1.0 has landed

PrimeVue 1.1.0 has landed

PrimeVue is getting more attention every day and PrimeTek is continuing to improve the library. Version 1.1.0 brings the new BlockUI and Terminal components in addition to numerous enhancements.


Visit Changelog for more information about the improvements in 1.1.0.


PrimeVue is free library to use under MIT License and available at NPM.


Our goal is to make PrimeVue a well-known and valuable member of the Vue Ecosystem in 2020 and improve it every day based on the community feedback. Planned new features are;

  • VirtualScroller
  • Galleria (1.2.0)
  • Google Maps (1.2.0)
  • Lazy Loading Sample with a Backend featuring Page, Sort and Filter
  • Grouping and Aggregation Enhancements for DataTable
  • Dynamic column filter match modes
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