PrimeVue 2.4.0 Released for Vue 2

PrimeVue 2.4.0 Released for Vue 2

PrimeVue 3.x for Vue 3 is under active development with all the bells and whistles however this doesn’t mean version 2.x for Vue 2 is not active. In fact, PrimeVue 2.x will be maintained until the end of 2021 as a part of PrimeTek’s commitment to long term support.

2.4.0 is a scheduled maintenance release for Vue 2 users with over 25 filed improvements, please note that all the major new features will only be available to PrimeVue 3 and version 2 will be active for maintenance and defect fixes.


Visit changelog at GitHub for more details about this release.


PrimeVue v2 is available at NPM and free to use under MIT License.

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