PrimeVue 3.0.0 Final Released for Vue 3

PrimeVue 3.0.0 Final Released for Vue 3

PrimeTek is proud to introduce PrimeVue 3.0.0 final release with full support Vue 3, over 60 highly customizable and accessible UI Components, a design agnostic theming featuring Material, Bootstrap, FluentUI and PrimeOne Themes, a theme designer, PrimeFlex css utilities, modern set of icons via PrimeIcons, premium Vue-CLI templates and more. We believe PrimeVue is currently the most advanced UI library for Vue 3 at the moment.

Take a tour around the PrimeVue Live Showcase to take the library for a test run.

PrimeVue is a free library to use under MIT License and available at NPM.

Note for Vue 2 Users

For Vue 2 users, we’ll still be maintaining and improving PrimeVue 2, if you are on V2, please view the PrimeVue 2 website instead.


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