PrimeVue 3.10.0 Release

PrimeVue 3.10.0 Release

PrimeVue 3.10.0 is available now with IntelliSense support, Virtual Scrolling for Table and maintenance updates.

IntelliSense and Typescript

All typescript type definition files have been reimplemented with built-in documentation in order to provide first class autocomplete support in your IDEs. For example with VSCode, all props, events, slots are auto completed with suggestions for possible values and available APIs. We hope that this will greatly enhance your PrimeVue experience.

Virtual Scrolling for DataTable

Virtual Scroller is a standalone component and with 3.10.0, it is now integrated within DataTable to deal with huge datasets in a performant way. Live demo presents two cases where data is loaded eagerly or lazily.


View the full changelog for more information.


Our current focus is migrating the website to Nuxt from Vue-CLI to take advantage of SEO. It will be followed by the Accessibility enhancements where each component will be revised based on WCAG standards and receive new documentation on keyboard/reader support.

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