PrimeVue 3.18.0 is Out with New Accessibility Features

PrimeVue 3.18.0 is Out with New Accessibility Features

PrimeTek is glad to announce PrimeVue 3.18.0 that brings accessibility enhancements to all menu components, templating support for FileUpload, responsive paginator and more.


There are over 30 improvements in addition to the big ticket features mentioned above. View the changelog for detailed information.


PrimeVue is available at NPM, view the getting started documentation to install PrimeVue in your application.


PrimeVue is getting more popular and already established itself as a well-known UI library for Vue, with our upcoming enhancements it will be better than ever.

  • Finalize accessibility for WCAG compliancy by mid november, remaining parts are Data and Overlay components.
  • Next generation application templates.
  • Migrate showcase to Nuxt 3 and improved samples/docs.
  • Headless mode implementation in addition to the existing pre-skinned mode.
  • New PrimeBlocks for PrimeVue.
  • Figma tokens for UI Kit.
  • Figma plugin for UI Kit to generate themes from Figma.

Always bet on Prime!

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