PrimeVue 3.8.0 Released

PrimeVue 3.8.0 Released

PrimeVue 3.8.0 is out now with core improvements such as the new Incell Editing, improved kebap-case support, new CDN bundle and performance enhancements.

Incell Editing

Incell editing has been greatly enhanced with first class support for sorting and filtering as well. Please note that there is a breaking change now that requires implement @cell-edit-complete or @row-edit-save events to finalize editing. In the previous versions, edited data was written to the model instantly causing compatibility issues with sort-filter support. This new approach also provides flexibility to implement conditional logic like validations as well.

Kebap-Case Support

Kebap case was not fully supported in some components, especially the DataTable. Now prop names can either be pascal case and kebap case with no difference. Please note that event names should always be kebap case by convention.

CDN Bundle

In order to make usage with a script tag easier via CDN, we’ve created a new core CDN bundle. Documentation will be updated soon to fully cover how to use each component with CDN and script tag along with code sandbox samples for each one.


Please visit the changelog for detailed information about the changes.


PrimeVue is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Our current focus is on improving accessibility by creating a dedicated section per component for keyboard support and screen readers along with scores from audit tools. These enhancements are planned to be finalized in early Q1 2022.


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