PrimeVue 3.8.2 Brings Nuxt3 Support

PrimeVue 3.8.2 Brings Nuxt3 Support

PrimeVue 3.8.2 is out now with official support for Nuxt 3. The built-in module is planned when Nuxt3 final is released however we’ve added documentation and a sample project to provide resources on how to use PrimeVue with Nuxt 3. In addition, there are numerous improvements especially on typescript types.


There are 15 files improvements in total, visit the changelog for details. It is a drop-in replacement with no breaking changes.


The team will be busy with PrimeBlocks v2 to PrimeVue. Currently v2 is available for PrimeNG only and PrimeVue version is v1. Another important highlight is accessibility support, this work will be released in Q1 of 2022 featuring major accessibility improvements on components along with dedicated documentation and scores from audit tools. In addition, all typescript definitions will be enhanced for full type support. Final big ticket feature is built-in RTL for the components scheduled for Q2 of 2022. Stay tuned, PrimeVue is getting better everyday.

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