Credit Card
Credit Card Credit Card will take any credit card form and make it the best part of the checkout process (without you changing anything). Everything is created with pure CSS, HTML, and Javascript — no images required.

Based on Card.
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Documentation pe:creditCard
Attributes (move mouse over the names to see data types)
Name Description
id Unique identifier of the component in a namingContainer.
widgetVar Name of the client side widget.
width Width of the card image in pixels. Default is 350px.
formatting Whether or not formatting is applied to the input fields. Default is true.
labelValidDate Localization of the Valid Date string on the card. Default 'valid\nthru'
labelMonthYear Localization of the Month Year string on the card. Default 'month/year'
placeholderNumber Placeholder for the card number. Default '•••• •••• •••• ••••'
placeholderName Placeholder for the name. Default 'Full Name'
placeholderExpiry Placeholder for the expiry. Default '••/••'
placeholderCvc Placeholder for the CVC. Default '•••'
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