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PrimeFaces Extensions is a lightweight open source component library for Java Server Faces 2.0. The project is built on top of PrimeFaces - a mature and robust component suite. PrimeFaces Extensions consists of extended components missing in other JSF 2 libraries or with improved components which already exist somewhere but don't work there smoothly. Besides that it provides useful ClientBehaviors, Converters, TagHandlers and more. They are shown on the left side. Corresponding use cases are shown at the top on the right and tag documentation along with client behavior events at the bottom on the right.

This showcase was tested with current JSF implementations Mojarra and MyFaces.
Hall Of Fame
Hall Of Fame
The following components were once Extensions components that have graduated into the PrimeFaces core library:
BadgeBadge allows styling of any button to include the iOS like badge indicator
FAB/SpeedDialA floating action button can display multiple primary actions that can be performed on a page.
GravatarAvatar using the Gravatar service
ImportEnumImportEnum allows in older EL versions (< 3.0), to use enum constants or any other static fields/methods in an EL expression.
ImportConstantsImportConstants allows in older EL versions (< 3.0), to use constants or any other static fields/methods in an EL expression.
InputNumberInputNumber formats input fields with numeric Strings. It supports currency symbols, minimum and maximum value, negative numbers, and a lot of round methods.
KeyFilterKeyFilter can be used to filter keyboard input on specified input components.
KnobKnob's useful to insert numeric values in a range.
LetterAvatarLetter Avatar generates an avatar based on characters
ScaffoldingScaffolding allows you to show skeletons while data is loading.
SingleClickDisable buttons while an Ajax action is being processed now built into PrimeFaces core.
SpotlightSpotlight highlights a certain component on page.
TimelineTimeline is an interactive visualization chart to visualize events in time.
TriStateCheckboxTriStateCheckbox add a new state to a checkbox value.
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