QRCode enable you to dynamically generate QR codes. Choose between a lot of options like rendering mode, color, size and more.

This component make use of jQuery.qrcode You can visit github page here

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Attributes (move mouse over the names to see data types)
Name Description
id Unique identifier of the component in a namingContainer.
binding An EL expression referring to a server side UIComponent instance in a backing bean.
renderMethod Render method: canvas, img or div. Default value is canvas
renderMode Render method: 0: normal 1: label strip 2: label box 3: image strip 4: image box Default value is 0
minVersion Version min range. Default value is 1
maxVersion Version max range. Default value is 40
ecLevel error correction level: ''L'', ''M'', ''Q'' or ''H'. Default value ''L''
leftOffset offset in pixel if drawn onto existing canvas. Default is 0
topOffset offset in pixel if drawn onto existing canvas. Default is 0
size Size in pixel. Default is 200px
text QRCode content text. Default is empty
fontName QRCode content label font. Default is sans
fontColor QRCode content label color. Default is #000
label QRCode content label. Default is empty
fillColor Code color or image element. Default is #000
background Background color or image element, empty for transparent background. Default is transparent
radius Corner radius relative to module width: 0.0 .. 0.5. Default value is 0.0
quiet Quiet zone in modules. Default value is 0.0
mSize Label size percentage. Default value is 0.1
mPosX Label relative Y position. Default value is 0.5
mPosY Label relative Y position. Default value is 0.5
style CSS style(s) to be applied when this component is rendered.
styleClass Space-separated list of CSS style class(es) to be applied when this element is rendered. This value is passed through as the "class" attribute to the generated markup.
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