Generates automatically updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. "4 minutes ago").

Based on jquery-timeago by Ryan McGeary.

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Documentation pe:timeAgo
Attributes (move mouse over the names to see data types)
Name Description
id Unique identifier of the component in a namingContainer.
rendered Boolean value to specify the rendering of the component, when set to false component will not be rendered.
binding An el expression referring to a server side UIComponent instance in a backing bean.
value Date, ZonedDateTime or LocalDateTime object to render.
widgetVar Name of the client side widget.
styleClass Style class of the main container element. Default value is null.
style Style of the main container element. Default value is null.
locale String or java.util.Locale representing user locale. Default is a locale specified in view root.
titlePattern Pattern defining how the date object should be formatted in the HTML title attribute.
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