Change the locale of the datepicker, schedule and client side validation messages.

Input Style

Free Themes

Built-in component themes created by the PrimeFaces Theme Designer.

PrimeOne Design

Saga Saga
Vela Vela
Arya Arya

Premium Themes

Premium themes are only available exclusively for PrimeFaces Theme Designer subscribers and therefore not included in PrimeFaces core.

Bootstrap light blue and dark blue themes are also included in PrimeFaces 10.x builds for Elite subscribers.

bootstrap4-blue-light Bootstrap Blue
bootstrap4-purple-light Bootstrap Purple
bootstrap4-blue-dark Bootstrap Blue
bootstrap4-purple-dark Bootstrap Purple

Legacy Free Themes

Luna Amber Luna Amber
Luna Blue Luna Blue
Luna Green Luna Green
Luna Pink Luna Pink
Nova Nova
Nova Nova Alt
Nova Nova Accent


Create awesome applications in no time using the premium templates and impress your users.

PrimeFaces Designer
PrimeFaces Designer
Best Features of Figma

PrimeOne for Figma uses the latest powerful features like components, variants, auto layout, styles and interactive components. It'll always follow the best practices.

  • Auto Layout
  • Variants
  • Styles
  • Interactive Components
Powerful System

Save countless hours on every project with a carefully designed system that uses Prime UI Suite components. Start producing design results in no time.

  • Numerous Components
  • Icon Library
  • Easy Customization
  • Atomic Approach
PrimeFaces Designer
PrimeFaces Designer
Two Themes

PrimeOne is designed based on Lara Blue Light and Lara Blue Dark themes. Easily change the themes of your designs using Figma's Swap Library feature.

  • Lara Light
  • Lara Dark
Choose the right plan for your business. Whether you are an individual or a member of a team, UI Kit is available for affordable prices.
Single Designer
For individual designers


  • 1 Designer
  • Auto Layout & Variants
  • Interactive Components
  • Lifetime Support
  • Use on Unlimited Projects

Buy Now
For small teams


  • Up to 5 Designers
  • Auto Layout & Variants
  • Interactive Components
  • Lifetime Support
  • Use on Unlimited Projects

Buy Now
For large teams

Exclusive Deals

  • Unlimited Designers
  • Auto Layout & Variants
  • Interactive Components
  • Lifetime Support
  • Use on Unlimited Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get when I purchase a license?

You'll be able to download two Figma files for light and dark themes.

Is there a recurring fee or is the license perpetual?

UI Kit license is perpetual so requires one time payment, not subscription based.

Can I use UI Kit license for commercial projects?

Yes, your license allows you to sell your projects that utilize the UI Kit implementations.

Can I create multiple projects for multiple clients?

There is no limit, you are able to use UI Kit in multiple projects for multiple clients.

We're a reseller, are we able to purchase a license on behalf of our client?

Yes, after the purchase, please contact us so we can transfer the license to your client.

Does the enterprise license include contractors within the organization?

Yes, contractors are also able to use the UI Kit within your company.

Can subsidiary company of a larger organization share the enterprise license?

No, enterprise license is per company so each subsidiary company needs to purchase a separate license.

What does "free updates" mean?

All updates will be totally free of charge for existing customers for an unlimited period.

How can I get support?

Support is provided by PrimeTek via a dedicated forum channel monitored by PrimeTek support staff.

What does lifetime support mean?

Support service at the forum does not have a time limit.

Can I include UI Kit in an open source project?

Due to the license, it is not possible to use the UI Kit in an open source project where the design files are publicly available.

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