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JSF 2.0 is a major stepforward introducing various new features and enhancements. Powered by PrimeFaces, JSF 2.0 would be your ultimate rich web framework for the job. This course gets you started with JSF 2.0 with PrimeFaces in no time.


JavaServer Faces – 2 Days

  • Introduction to Java Web Technologies
  • Getting started with JSF 2.0
  • UI Component Model
  • Managed Beans and JSF IOC
  • Binding the model and view
  • Request Lifecycle
  • Conversion and Validation
  • Ajax with JSF
  • Navigations and Bookmarking
  • Messages and Bundles
  • Custom Components
  • Client Behaviors
  • Exception Handling

PrimeFaces Workshop – 1 Day

  • Introduction to PrimeFaces
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Using the Component Suite
  • Ajax Extensions
  • Themes
  • Tips and Tricks

Last day of the training features a workshop featuring a full stack of technologies like JSF-PrimeFaces-(Spring or EJBs)-JPA.


Experience in Java programming language.


3 Days.

Attendee Limit

Maximum number of attendees is 15.


Efficient audio and video conferencing is provided via GoToMeeting. Attendees will receive a meeting id to join before each day of the training.


Total cost of the training for 3 days is 9000 USD.


Cagatay Civici is a member of JavaServer Faces Expert Group, the founder and project lead of popular PrimeFaces Component Suite, PMC member of open source JSF implementation Apache MyFaces and committer of Atmosphere Ajax Push/Comet Framework. He’s a recognized speaker in international conferences including JavaOne, Jax, W-Jax, SpringOne, Jazoon, ConFess, JSFDays, JSFSummit and many local events such as JUGs. Cagatay is also an author and technical reviewer of several books regarding web application development with Java and JSF. As an experienced trainer, he has trained over 300 java developers on Java EE technologies mainly JSF, Spring, EJBs and JPA.