Introducing PrimeOne Design System for Figma

Introducing PrimeOne Design System for Figma

PrimeTek is excited to announce that the all new UI Kit for Figma is now available to utilize the Prime UI libraries during the design process of your applications.


Best Features of Figma

PrimeOne for Figma uses the latest powerful features like components, variants, auto layout, styles and interactive components. It’ll always follow the best practice.

✅ Auto Layout
✅ Variants
✅ Styles
✅ Interactive Components


Powerful System

Save countless hours on every project with a carefully designed system that uses Prime UI Suite components. Start producing design results in no time.

✅ Numerous Components
✅ Easy Customization
✅ Icon Library
✅ Atomic Approach


Two Themes: Light / Dark

PrimeOne is designed based on Lara Blue Light and Lara Blue Dark themes. Easily change the themes of your designs using Figma’s Swap Library feature.

✅ Lara Light
✅ Lara Dark


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