Introducing PrimeVue v3.49.0

Introducing PrimeVue v3.49.0

PrimeTek is excited to announce the v3.49.0 release of PrimeVue with new components and maintenance updates.


Stepper is a new addition to the suite to implement wizard-like workflows. It supports horizontal and vertical orientations along with various customization options.

View Demo.

Input OTP

Input OTP is used to enter one time passwords, the default UI can easily be customized with templating.

View Demo.

Declarative Pass Through Syntax
The declarative syntax provides an alternative to the programmatic syntax. The attributes that start with pt are interpreted differently by the component based on the format below. An IDE extension is also being planned to autocomplete the values for better developer experience in the future.

Here is an example with the existing programmatic syntax.

Same options with the declarative syntax.


v3.49.0 is the final feature oriented release of PrimeVue as Prime UI libraries are getting ready for the next-gen versions. v4 will be the next-gen version of PrimeVue featuring the new design token based theming API. This work is done already in a separate v4 branch and being worked on for production ready status. V4 is planned by the end of March to bring the CSS variable based theming, layout/typography components and more. In Q2, we’ll use the new features to build the Figma to Theme converter and the new Visual UI Designer. In addition, PrimeBlocks are moving to Tailwind CSS which is planned by end of March.

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