PrimeFaces v13.0.0 Released

PrimeFaces v13.0.0 Released


PrimeFaces UI component library is back with a new major release featuring over 200 improvements.

JSF is alive?

Well yes, PrimeFaces has been initiated back in late 2008 and after all these years thanks to the great community contributions it is still a healthy open source project with constant updates. Considering the fast-paced nature of Javascript ecosystem, a 14 year old UI library with 1 million+ download per year is exceptional. For form driven back office apps, it is still a viable choice in a Jakarta EE environment.

Free Theming

v13 is special because we’re introducing some new changes and open sourcing some of the paid add-ons like theming. Theme Designer was a paid add-on and with v13 it is now available as open source, view the new theming documentation for details and tutorials. We’ll also come up with a new video tutorial.

The visual editor now permits downloading the created themes as well in case you don’t want to go through the details of the theming API.

Material and Bootstrap themes are also open sourced and available at github.

 Elite to LTS

PrimeFaces Elite will be replaced with LTS like PrimeNG has this means maintenance versions of the last major version will now be open source starting with 13.0.1. In the past, 13.0.1 was only available to paying users.

Special Thanks

A big shout out the community leaders of PrimeFaces, without their contributions it would be impossible to maintain the library. PrimeFaces is a fantastic example of a community driven project.


Visit the changelog for the complete list of changes.


Compared to other Prime UI libraries like PrimeNG, PrimeReact and PrimeVue, PrimeFaces still uses an older theming API with ui-* prefix. We’re planning to migrate to p-* prefix and move to CSS variables from SASS.

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