Retiring Some Templates

Retiring Some Templates

PrimeTek has been offering and maintaining application templates since 2015, and over the years some of these projects have become legacy in terms of design and implementation. Based on our “quality over quantity” approach, we’ve decided to take down legacy templates from sale at our store as they reach the end of their lifetime. We aim to maintain and improve around 10-12 templates with new designs and modern implementation.

The retired templates do not mean they are unsupported anymore; they still continue to work, but there won’t be future updates. We’ve created migration guides to assist you with the updates so that you can continue using them with newer versions of Prime libraries as well. At the support forum, our technical staff will continue to provide assistance until the end of 2024. The demos and documentation are no longer available online; instead, run the application locally to access these resources if required.

The list of retired legacy templates;

Rain, Pandora, Siberia, Mirage, Prestige, Roma, Sapphire, Babylon, Olympia, Ecuador, Harmony, California, Serenity, Manhattan, Paradise, Barcelona, Morpheus, Omega, Icarus.

Migration Guides for Self Updates

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