PrimeNG 9.0.0-RC3 Released

PrimeNG 9.0.0-RC3 Released

Third release candidate of PrimeNG 9 has arrived to bring the new remastered Dialog and significant accessibility enhancements.

Remastered Dialog

Dialog has been refactored to deliver important enhancements;

  • Removed javascript based positioning in favor of CSS based approach for much better performance and functionality
  • Proper support for dynamic content
  • Fixed blur font issues on webkit
  • More flexible responsiveness

Accessibility and Section 508

  • Entire suite has been reviewed and wai-aria roles have been added where necessary for screen readers.
  • Focus visuals have been reworked to provide a consistent look and feel across the components.
  • Numerous components including the Calendar has received keyboard compatibility.

Angular 9.0.0-rc.10 and Ivy

PrimeNG 9.0.0-rc3 has been tested against the latest Angular release and is fully compatible whether Ivy is enabled or not. If you are on Angular 7 or Angular 8, our suggestion would be considering PrimeNG LTS releases instead.


View the issue tracker for a list of changes.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Next week, we plan to go over community issues along with PRs to release RC4 and also update 7/8 branches with new LTS releases for improved quality.

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