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FeedReader retrieves and displays content from a feed.

California Students to Hear from NASA Astronauts Aboard Space StationPreschool through sixth grade students from West Hollywood, California, will have an opportunity next week to hear from NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station.
NASA to Discuss Webb’s Arrival at Final Destination, Next StepsScientists and engineers operating NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will answer questions about the mission’s latest milestones in a NASA Science Live broadcast at 3 p.m. EST Monday, Jan. 24, followed by a media teleconference at 4 p.m.
A un año del mandato de Biden, la NASA mira hacia el futuroDurante el año pasado, la NASA ha hecho valiosas contribuciones a los objetivos de la Administración Biden-Harris: liderando a nivel mundial, abordando el problema urgente del cambio climático, creando empleos bien remunerados e inspirando a las generaciones futuras.
One Year into the Biden Administration, NASA Looks to FutureOver the past year, NASA has made valuable contributions to Biden-Harris Administration’s goals – leading on the global stage, addressing the urgent issue of climate change, creating high paying jobs, and inspiring future generations.
La NASA invita a los medios al lanzamiento del nuevo mega-cohete y nave espacial lunaresYa está abierta la acreditación de medios de comunicación para las actividades de pre-lanzamiento y lanzamiento relacionadas con la misión Artemis I de la NASA, la primera misión desde Apolo de sistemas de exploración construidos para llevar tripulación a bordo que viajará alrededor de la Luna.
NASA Invites Media to Launch of New Mega-Moon Rocket and SpacecraftNASA Invites Media to Launch of New Mega-Moon Rocket and Spacecraft
Washington Students to Hear from NASA Astronauts Aboard Space StationStudents from Washington state will have an opportunity next week to hear from NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station.
NASA TV to Air SpaceX Cargo Dragon Departure from Space StationA SpaceX Dragon cargo resupply spacecraft is set to depart the International Space Station Friday, Jan. 21.
NASA Sets Coverage for Russian Spacewalk Outside Space StationTwo Russian cosmonauts will venture outside the International Space Station at about 7 a.m. EST Wednesday, Jan. 19, to conduct a spacewalk to ready the new Prichal module for future Russian visiting spacecraft.
2021 Tied for 6th Warmest Year in Continued Trend, NASA Analysis ShowsEarth’s global average surface temperature in 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest on record, according to independent analyses done by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

<div class="card">
    <p:feedReader value="https://www.nasa.gov/rss/dyn/breaking_news.rss" var="feed">
        <div class="p-p-3">
            <h:outputText value="#{feed.title}" styleClass="p-text-bold p-d-block" />
            <h:outputText value="#{feed.description.value}" escape="false"/>
        <f:facet name="error">
            <h:outputText value="Error reading RSS Feed!!!" style="color:red;"/>

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